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In addition to a private practice of 1,000+ clients, gifted reader, Janet Rice, is an adviser to celebrities, business leaders and other high-profile individuals. As a gifted psychic card reader, she specializes in standard playing cards, as well as Numerology and Chinese Astrology. In addition to her talents, Janet is a reader of crystals and palms.








Appalachian Magic is about the life of Janet Rice who was born into a humble, hardworking family in the heart of Appalachia. It was a time and place where communication was limited and all one had to depend on was family and neighbors.

Superstition ran rampant amongst the people, as well as hard-core religion. It was common practice to mix folklore, spells, and religion together in the quiet solitude of the majestic hills.

There were stories and legends told in hushed tones about demons, ghosts, spells being cast and curses being removed. The local fortune tellers, tea leaf readers, and water glass gazers were always available.

Appalachian Magic begins in the forties and weaves a magical story about a young girl who grew up in the hills of Appalachia. She took the wisdom that she had learned from her ancestors and coupled it with her intuitive abilities to become a successful Appalachian Fortune Teller.



Return to Appalachian Magic delves into the childhood of Janet Rice and her experiences in growing up on a farm that hugged the banks of a muddy river. Life in the 1940’s was hard for the hill people and “making do” was considered a way of life, along with the religion and the folklore that was mixed into the hill culture.

The favorite gathering place was the kitchen table. Here, neighbors and family would discuss ghostly sightings, spells and curses. The local witches and fortune tellers were talked about in great detail and sometimes the talk became so frightening that fear spread in the room.

Growing up in Appalachia involved a lot of hard work. There were chores that had to be done every day by young and old alike. In certain seasons, there was hog killing, making the potato hole to store potatoes for the winter, and smelling the sweet scent of apple butter in the fall.

Through all of the seasons, there was a magical feeling that merged with everyday life. A feeling that is unique in the hills of Appalachia and where people had a gift that is called “knowing”. Janet Rice took all of the magical knowledge and power that her ancestors bestowed upon her and along with her gift of “knowing”, has become a nationally known Appalachian fortune teller.


To order Janet's book "Appalachian Magic" online...

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To order Janet's book "Return To Appalachian Magic" online...

Click here for the paperback.

Click here for the Kindle edition.


A reading by Janet includes...

  • A personality profile projected by numerology and Chinese Astrology.
  • A psychic card reading that will give approximate time periods of predictions.
  • Clients may inquire about other people and ask questions.
  • Reading will be taped and sent to customer.

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  • Analysis of photo(s) of one subject (person, animal, house).
  • Answer up to seven questions about the subject
  • Receive a written profile of the subject within two weeks.

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April 19th, 1999.

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Janet was born and raised in the hills of Appalachia, where she still resides. Her career spans thirty years. The last ten years Janet has become nationally known for her work as a first class psychic card reader.